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  • I'm a new cat mom so I got super worried when Karl came down with a cold (sneezing, sniffly nose, extra sleepy) shortly after taking him home from the shelter. I had called another animal hospital that was booked out until April for an initial exam. This was the second place I called and they put me on a cancellation list. No more than 30 minutes later I get a call for a same day noon appointment (huzzah!) Curbside service made it so that they picked up Karl from my car (everyone masked), and I waited as the vet gave Karl an exam. Towards the end of the exam, Dr. Wicklund called me on my phone and gave me a run down of Karl's overall health, what could have caused the cold, the meds he was suggesting for Karl, and letting me know that Karl will need a follow up with a Cardiologist because he found a heart murmur. Dr. Wicklund assured me that he would help me and explained the situation without freaking me out. Since this was my first ever experience with something like this, from the assistants on the phone, to the intake forms, to the follow up texts, everything was handled fantastically. Shoutout to all the staff I talked to, Dr. Wicklund for the help. Can't wait to come back!

    Margaret Lobo

  • Highly recommend this dogtor, I mean veterinary. They are very thorough, patient, kind, and compassionate. I brought my 3 year old German shepherd here a few times, and each visit has gone very well.

    Julia M.

  • 4.4 Google Rating

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