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  • I first want to say Commencement Bay Animal Hospital is my chosen vet out of five others I have tried in the last couple years with rescues and my personal pets. With that said I made an appointment due to having behavioral problems with two particular cats fighting. I went to my appointment yesterday and due to Covid, I was not allowed into the room to help Dr. Martin observe what my issue is, so only one cat was seen for her check up, worms and shots. When the initial news of not being allowed in the room was given to me, I was pretty upset. I wanted a specific situation looked at to do with their behavior, so I needed to be in the room. Hence, we still have a 6 ft away mandate. I was upset that they had to and are fully following protocol for the protection of us personally, them and the health of our pets. "And I was upset"? I was not the only one upset that day and I am sure throughout this whole Covid situation, but sitting in my car waiting for my one cat to be done, I realized being upset at the vet office, Dr. Martin, the office staff or anyone was on me. The gal at the front office had been dealing with customers such as myself most of the day and that is unacceptable of us who are upset they are doing what they need to do to stay open to see our pets and then take customers such as myself getting upset at the front desk personal, because we have rules in place. The staff should not have to take us getting upset, or rude at them in any way. I just want to say... I love Commencement Bay Animal Hospital, Dr. Martin, the staff and say thank you for being there, following protocol to stay open for all of us during this very hard and trying period Covid has dealt us and I am sorry for being upset. I will say, is if you are 100% needing to be in the room with your pet, until mandates are lifted, you can't at this time. I wish I knew this. I drive from just short of Eatonville. I would have postponed this vet assisted situation for a later date, but if you need to have your pet seen, get shots, or have an emergency, Dr. Martin is the best out there and can handle our pets and their situations, health and emergencies 100% without us in the room. Thank you Dr. Martin and staff! I apoligize for being upset, as I know others have been. I believe the mandated 6 ft and not being allowed in the room during the pets visit should be clear to everyone until it is lifted. This would surely help with situations such as mine and me being upset. I will still always return to Commencement Bay as they are the best I have been to.

    Mrs L.

  • These guys are affordable, super efficient and always manage to squeeze me in within a day for emergencies. I totally trust the doctor and appreciate the advice they offer me. Couldn’t be happier with this vet!

    Corie Cameron

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