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  • Brought our puppy, Lola, in and had the best experience! The office was clean, there was clear communication about the appointment and the Dr took his time with us. I enjoyed not feeling rushed and that we were able to sit and talk about her diet and he gave a lot of recommendations for training her. Lola felt so comfortable there too.
    Janessa Sherman
  • Highly recommend this dogtor, I mean veterinary. They are very thorough, patient, kind, and compassionate. I brought my 3 year old German shepherd here a few times, and each visit has gone very well. I always ask a million questions after each visit to ensure I'm knowledgeable on how to continue to care for my pup. They always take the time to calm my nerves, and thoroughly go over what they've done for him, and what after care he'll need at home. They always let me know how he did, and give him praise for his behavior. I do typically have to wait 10-15 minutes for them to pick up my pup from the parking lot, but that personally does not bother me. I'm sure like most places they are understaffed, and overworked. All I care about is the attention they give to my pup. Also, you can text your dogtor, I mean vet! They will text me to check in on my pup, and also allow me to text them with questions or concerns. They can usually always get me an appointment within two weeks, which is pretty great considering every other vet I've called was a month out on appointments. Highly recommend for all your pup needs. This place truly cares.
    Julia M.
  • 4.5 Google Rating