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  • Dr. Comer, the veterinary technician team, and Michelle are a wonderful team and take very good care of their clients.Dr. Comer helped our cat who has severe IBD; before we visited this clinic, we were unable to diagnose or treat his condition despite multiple visits to different veterinarians. It has been over a year since his diagnosis, and he is now thriving. When one of our other cats became very ill, we were referred to Dr. Comer for a liver ultrasound. Thanks to her keen sense of observation, she noticed the smell of ketones, which lead to the discovery that she had diabetes and hepatic lipidosis. Dr. Comer guided her complete recovery, and she is now also doing very well.The clinic is very clean, the staff are very professional and compassionate, and I am so grateful for their knowledge and care. Highly recommended!!!

    Lori P.

  • Excellent quick decide, was able to go from booking an appointment to getting my cat spayed in under a week

    Sam Duralde

  • 4.4 Google Rating