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  • I only work in the ER world of veterinary medicine. So when my Miniature American Shepherd Amity Jane broke a big molar it was off to the "regular vet" for me....Obviously I have some connections in the vet world but we waited our turn & got in promptly within about a week to have the nasty molar removed at Commencement Bay. Intake forms were sent to us via email so we were ready to go the morning of! The vet assistant who met us in the parking lot was knowledgeable and professional but also full of humor and personality! Within several hours I received a call from Dr Martin saying that he and Paula, the Hospital Manager and fantastic dental nurse that day (and a dear pal of mine over the years) were able to save Amity Jane's broken molar! I went to pick her up & was greeted by Michelle at the front desk who was friendly, funny & very efficient. The lobby was clean & tidy & will be a welcome site as we get through our virus restrictions. Even though I've been in the biz for 24 years now, it's not an easy task to trust anyone else to care for your critter. I felt confident & relieved that I brought Amity Jane & her broken molar to Commencement Bay. Big thanks to the fun, friendly, welcoming & talented staff & to Dr Martin & Paula. Lynne and Amity Jane

    L Alison T.

  • Years ago, Dr Martin took my mauled dog in and stabilized him at 10 min til closing, making an appt for the morning to follow up and complete care. He also dxed my dog's significant knee problems and recommended surgeries that greatly helped him. Recently saw him again as my darling little hunter got himself in a fight with a raccoon, and Dr Martin was great once again! Very happy to have him as a vet!

    Mon Zni

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