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  • I adopted a sweet, little, rescue dog a few weeks ago from Purr Rescue. Purr takes their rescues to Commencement Bay to be evaluated, and made adoption ready. My poor little guy hurt himself on his way up the stairs last Tuesday and I called several vets in my area Wednesday to see if someone could see him and all were booked up. I also let Purr know and they suggested I call Commencement Bay. They said they would have to call me back, which they did and they were able to fit me in Friday afternoon. Dr Martin asked me what happened, did a touch exam on his legs and back, found the tender spot, set him on the floor to watch him walk and made an assessment based on his observations. He prescribed complete kennel rest for two weeks and some anti-inflammatory medications. We may have to do more testing but I am very grateful that they could fit me in and I like Dr Martin's quick, thorough, no nonsense manor. Everyone is masked, you wait in your car until they come out to get you, you are allowed to come in with your pet as long as you are properly masked and the staff is efficient, caring and helpful. I highly recommend Commencement Bay.

    Jay Savage

  • There is no better place for outstanding care of your furry companion than Dr. Karen Comer and her team (with a special shout out to Michele, the amazing admin who makes it all happen efficiently). Dr. Comer is outstanding in her diagnostic skills and then determining the best course of treatment. For many years, we only saw her as a "specialist," when other vets were unable to help our dogs. Luckily, she later established a full-time clinic and practice so that she became our regular family vet. Now, our dogs get the best care for all their health needs and regular checkups. If you're like we are, you want to know that you have a vet for your animals that you can trust 100% and have complete confidence in their skills and expertise. That's what we have with Dr. Comer.

    kate Stirling

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