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  • Dr. Comer is incredibly responsive to my pets, all 4 of them. My pug had a corneal injury and she immediately took action, got us into a vet who specializes in ophthalmology and we were able to save his eye. My rat terrier was on the brink of death. . She again, took immediate action, diagnosed his addison's disease and saved my dog. My chihuahua/pomeranian suffers from anxiety and we found the right drug for her. She is living a much better life now. She has a room for cats that has a diffuser that releases a calming pheromone and my cat is able to get her nails clipped without maiming anyone. She has a clear affinity for all animals and is a very down to earth, practical person. Sometimes I wish she treated people too!

    Karen LeCompte

  • I took my white boxer to Dr. Martin he has not been to a vet in a long time and is not very social. Dr. Martin sat on the floor with him feed him treats and calmed him . The exam went better than expected. The clinic was clean and staff friendly and helpful. It wasn’t difficult to get an appointment that fit my schedule. The prices are reasonable.

    Susan Trout

  • 4.4 Google Rating