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  • I'm a new cat mom so I got super worried when Karl came down with a cold (sneezing, sniffly nose, extra sleepy) shortly after taking him home from the shelter. I had called another animal hospital that was booked out until April for an initial exam. This was the second place I called and they put me on a cancellation list. No more than 30 minutes later I get a call for a same day noon appointment (huzzah!) Curbside service made it so that they picked up Karl from my car (everyone masked), and I waited as the vet gave Karl an exam. Towards the end of the exam, Dr. Wicklund called me on my phone and gave me a run down of Karl's overall health, what could have caused the cold, the meds he was suggesting for Karl, and letting me know that Karl will need a follow up with a Cardiologist because he found a heart murmur. Dr. Wicklund assured me that he would help me and explained the situation without freaking me out. Since this was my first ever experience with something like this, from the assistants on the phone, to the intake forms, to the follow up texts, everything was handled fantastically. Shoutout to all the staff I talked to, Dr. Wicklund for the help. Can't wait to come back!
    Margaret Lobo
  • I rescued 2 adult cats along with one being a momma of 4. One died on my way to get them from a hording situation of 29 cats. They went straight to emergency with no luck. I got home, and right away gave a Dawn bath, heating up their bodies and killing the infestation of fleas. All 3 were near dead. The next day they went for a vet visit and it was a sad visit they called a checkup. A week, or so I thought they were all doing well, until 1 started losing weight rapidly. I called a vet near me and as I said my kitten was dying, they told me they could get me in next Friday? 3 different vets I wen't to, bills were adding up and Allie was dying with no answers, or help. I then called an animal help line and was sent to Commencement Bay Animal Hospital. We seen Dr. Comer and she has been a God send to me and my zoo of "7" now. Dr. Comer saved the lives of both my rescue kittens, as they were put on special diet's & medicine. 2 of 3 had taken turns with sickness and without Dr. Comer, I know for sure I would have lost Allie-Gator and possibly Munchie. Their brother Dozer was okay, but still went in with his sisters. My kittens are now 10 months old and live with my 2 other cats and 2 Pitties. I fell in love with the 3 kittens, as we went through so much together, my heart could not let them go. Next, My Pitbull Shilo was having bad issues. She was spayed right before her 1st heat at a vet clinic. Shilo started having mild swelling and as she grew, so did her entire muffin area. We thought it was just her body, until it became overly swollen and she wouldn't stop cleaning herself. The next day we went into see Dr. Comer. Dr. Comer found a bad infection on the outside, that wasn't easy to see and also did many tests. With her testing she found was a piece of ovarie left in Shilo from her spay about 2 years prior. I was given medicine and a treatment plan that worked great for the infection. I am dealing with the old vet who spayed her the first time. The piece of ovarie was removed, but that is a different story, with a different vet. On that note I will say, I have never had a veterinarian care about my pet's as Dr. Comer has. She is through, handles my pet's as if they were her own and always finds what is wrong. Never have I been steered wrong and none of my pets are worried going into see their doctor. I have sent 3 people to Commencement Bay and all were beyond happy they took my advice. What to expect when you go there... Michelle works the front desk. She is knowledgable, wonderful, happy, talks and laughs with me like we are family. Grace is the assistant who gets all information and sets your pet up for Dr. Comer. She is wonderful and personable as well. Visits are not hurried feeling like you are a number. They are as long as she needs to treat your pet the best possible way. So if you are looking for an amazing veterinarian, I would for sure visit Commencement Bay Animal Hospital. They also have a male Veterinarian that when I sent a gal to the clinic, she saw him. She loved her experience and was thankful for him & his work as well. I have not use him, but I definitely would if Dr. Comer wasn't available. I can't say enough about Commencement Bay Animal Hospital, their staff, and how much we feel like they are a part of our family. I was there just yesterday with an emergency situation with one of my cats. He is already doing better with medicine and the care provided by Dr. Comer. Sorry for writing a book, but I boast about Dr. Comer to everyone on Facebook animal groups, Nextdoor and now my review here. I love this place! Lana S.
    Mrs Lana
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